Capital Milestones

2002 Founding of Cheekotel Venture Fund

2009 Founding of Cheekotel Innovation

2013 Founding of Cheekotel Catalyst

2014 Founding of Cheekotel Private Equity

2015 Founding of Cheekotel Foundation

Cheekotel is one of India's largest domestic alternate investment groups. Cheekotel affiliates invest in opportunities arising out of technology driven inflection points in large emerging and mature ecosystems that address the Indian consumer. Over the years, Cheekotel has piloted several investment strategies to develop replicable investment templates across various asset classes that generate superior risk adjusted returns whilst aligning with and supporting relevant government policy and social objectives.

By using this approach, Cheekotel continues to develop segmental investment vehicles to address opportunities inherent in India's development journey. Cheekotel aspires to be an influencer of technology choices, a supporter of our national policy and initiatives, a catalyser of import substitution and an enabler of global market access.